About Us

“I have personally received advanced training in Italy, Holland, Canada and here in the UK from some of the leading manufactures of Auto-gas Systems. Including, Prins, BRC, Emer, AEB, OMVL, Bigas and IMPCO”

Mick Bird

I currently fit a wide variety of AEB & BRC based systems depending on our customer’s preference. For Direct Injection Vehicles I use either Landi Renzo or Prins Di VSI 2.

All systems offer high quality and durability, and come with a 24 months parts and labour warranty, which starts from the date you receive your vehicle back. Most conversions will take around 3-4 days.

We also offer conversions for older vehicles, where the multi-point systems might not be appropriate; and we still convert classic vehicles on a regular basis.

For older vehicles we will fit either single point induction, or mixer systems. These are provided by suppliers such as Bigas, OMVL, BRC or OML. We can use IMPCO High-Flow single-point systems for larger engines and boats.

All single point conversions include Lambda closed-loop control. We know that this is the only way to achieve the best economy, emissions and drive-ability.

We also offer conversions for quad-bikes, forklifts and small engines.

“If it’s got a petrol engine and you want to run it cheaper and greener, drop us a line for honest, no messing information or a quote!” 

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